YouNote is a family of applications for iPhone that allows you to take quick notes on all sorts of information.
This information is accessible and available at all times on your iPhone.
Whatever format the note is in (Drawing, Audio, Text, Photo,...), it is possible to link different criteria (tags, a color, the geolocation,...) which simplifies the filing and finding of the notes.

UpgradeYouNote Lite to YouNote Full and get:

  • email your notes (OS 2 and OS 3 users),
  • display your notes with a web brower on your desktop in a local network,
  • save your PictNotes in your photos library,
  • use enhanced DrawNotes with colors and more tools,
  • protect YouNote with a passcode.

YouNote Desktop

Thanks to YouNote Desktop, it's possible to back up and restore your notes on a Mac or a PC.
It's also the safer way to move your notes from YouNote Lite to YouNote.

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